Veeer encourages spontaneity on road trips by revealing adventures along the way.

Initially intending to capture “The Best Route Around the World”, interviews revealed that these routes were special because of the stories around them. These stories, much deeper experiences than “my favorite local pie shop”, inspired the creation of Veeer as a way to provide an opportunity for road trippers to have more adventures.

Finding these new adventures are facilitated by the Veeer app. As you drive, nearby adventures or ‘veeers’ appear on the mobile application which can be synched with the onboard navigation. Veeer encourages serendipitous discovery and does not accommodate for preplanning; these places are only visible when you are within an adjustable radius. Veeers are submitted by roadtrippers who have experienced adventures and want to share these stories with others.

Veeer was prototyped extensively to enable an immersive experience to test the system with people. The design process of Veeer was an iterative process of various experience prototypes that hacked together existing services and methods: Tumblr, Google Maps, Facebook, push notifications, walking trips, iCloud for GPS tracking, and Instagram. The final prototype was brought to life using the IFFT platform, linking Tumblr and Instagram on an iPhone.

An iterative process of immersive experience prototypes
Service Design with Chris Downs, Rory Hamilton, Alix Gillet-Kirt, and John Lynch
Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design 2012