Futures, interaction design, research.

I'm curious about the web of relationships that make up people's worlds, and how those will change as our values and expectations of society evolve.

At IDEO, I have: pushed leadership to consider their industry's long-term futures, explored how the nature of work affects pickup trucks, made 401ks more accessible to millennials, expanded the platform of a diabetes management app, helped potential college students understand the application process.

I believe the magic is in the details, the snacks, and the wordplay. 

In a parallel life, I hope I'd be an astrophysicist. Who can pass up looking out into the unknown, bringing theory to life, and the opportunity to wear a lab coat?

Interaction Design Awards 2013 'Empowering', Shortlist: WTPh?
Interaction Design Awards 2013 'Expressing', Shortlist: audible color

Swiss Science Center Technorama, Winterthur, Switzerland, 2014
Miraikan National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Tokyo, 2012

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