Hi! I’m Momo Miyazaki.

I make objects and experiences.

I started off in fine art, focusing in jewelry and metalsmithing. Skidmore College isn’t an art school, so I also took lots of seemingly random classes in seemingly random places. In 2012, I graduated from the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, a place where there is so much creativity that you can feel it in the walls. All of my favorite work from those years are here and so is my CV.

I fell in love with interaction design because it encompasses a little bit of many disciplines, allowing multifaceted explorations of people’s experiences. I’m interested in understanding how people behave, what they value, and what motivates them. Through these stories, beautiful improvements can be made in products, services, systems and environments to better people’s lives physically and emotionally. 

I enjoy making things with my hands, eating snacks and making puns. I believe the magic is in the details.

[ @mmmmomo ]